Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Vacation RULES.

Dude. I seriously love not having to work. This is amazing. I have been able to work out. I have played with AwesomeKid a ton - we've gone on walks, gone to the park, played chase around the house, visited Grandma and Grandpa... It is awesome. I kind of want to become a stay at home mom and spend all days like this. I could totally sign up for various baby and mommy activities that are only offered during working hours. Maybe I could start scrap booking or something crafty like that. I know eventually the novelty would wear off and it would get grueling and all, but damn this is fun right now. Too bad we need health insurance, shelter, and food. And the iPhones. I don't think our family could survive without the iPhones.

We did Christmas in the country with the in-laws this past weekend, which means AwesomeKid got to play in the hugest yard she has ever seen and walk through thousands of crackly leaves. Also, there were cows, so she go to practice saying "moo", which was very impressive to the extended family.

Christmas is now all about AwesomeKid. BestHusbandEver and I are chopped liver. No more super cool gifts for us. We live vicariously through AwesomeKid. This is not a bad thing, but we both agree that it contributes to our general sense of feeling OLD. Alas. Persevere we shall.

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