Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Doing my part to end the great recession

I went to Whole Foods today and the impulse buying thing struck me.  Whole Foods is the best place for this, 'cuz you can wind up with wacko stuff like...

Yeah.  I'm like, coconut water is supposed to be all trendy right now.  I should see what it's all about... Oh look at that one, it has lime in it.  I bet it'll taste kind of like a pina colada, only juicier (??? - I swear that really was my thought process).  Fail for me.  It was like sugar with overpowering lime flavor and this vague wannabe coconut milk thing in the background.  Yucky.  At least the can was recyclable. 

Impulse buy of the day #2: 

 This looked very promising.  Especially the 70% cacao bit.  Love love love dark chocolate.  But then, as I unwrap it to indulge, I notice this: 

Vegan chocolate?  

Skeptical.  That is how I felt about vegan chocolate.  How do I feel now? After the bar is in my belly?  I like the combo of fig, fennel, almond, and super dark chocolate very very much.  But the texture was... not yummy melting in my mouth indulgent mouthgasm inducing creaminess.  It was just kind of crunchy.  And I prefer yummy melting in my mouth indulgent mouthgasm inducing creaminess when I eat chocolate.  

So I'd say the impulse buys this week were one fail and one ok-ish.  Gotta keep those impulse buys comin' though.  Otherwise, my money would stay in my pocket, and that won't help us out of this recession at all.     

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